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1948 – 2000

South African medallists from 1948 – 2000

Name 1948 1952 1956 1960 1992 1996 2000
Abernethy Moira Bronze Swimming 4X100 m Freestyle
Arthur John Duncan Bronze Heavyweight Boxing
Atkinson Sidney J.M
Bedford Mary
Bekker Daniel W Bronze Heavyweight Boxing Silver Heavyweight Boxing
Boodley Robert
Brand Esther C Gold High Jump
Buchanan Ferdinand.L
Carstens David K.E
Catterall Charles
Clark Marjorie Rees
Cloete Hestrie Silver High Jump
Dafel Henning J
Dreyer Gerald Gold Lightweight Boxing
Duncker John V.A
Estman George A Silver 4000m Track Team
Ferreira Wayne Silver Tennis Doubles
Fowler Robert G Silver 4000m Track Team
Gitsham Christopher
Goosen Hendrik.W.N Silver 4000m Track Team
Harrison Joan Cynthia Gold 100m Backstroke
Harvey George Henry
Hefferon Charles A
Herbert Llewellyn G Bronze 400m Hurdles
Heyns Penelope Gold 100/200 Breaststroke Bronze 100m Breaststroke
Hunter George Gold Light Heavyweight Boxing
Isaacs Harry
Kaltenbrunn Henry G
Kitson Herry A
Kriel Marianne Bronze 100 Backstroke
Kruger Frantz Bronze Discuss
Leisching Leonard J Bronze Featherweight
Lewis Rudolph
Loubscher Henry J Bronze Welterweight Boxing
Maakal Jenny G
McArthur Kennedy Kane
McMaster Cecil Charles
Meyer Elana Silver 10 000m Track
Meyers William Ernest Bronze Featherweight Boxing
Morgan Fred Hilton
Myburgh Jeanette Bronze 4X100 Freestyle
Myburgh Natalie Bronze 4X100 Freestyle
Nieman Andries Christian Bronze Heavyweight Boxing
Norval Pietie Silver Tennis Doubles
Oosterlaak Justuce Kinloch
Parkin Terence Silver 200m Breaststroke
Pierce Ernest
Raymond Louis Bosman
Rennie Rhoda Lillian
Robb Daphney Lilias E Silver 100m Track
Roberts Susan Elizabeth Bronze 4X100m Relay
Robinson Raymond L 2 Silvers 1000m Time Trial and Tandem
Rudd Bevil Gordon D’Urban
Rudd Bevil Gordon D’Urban
Rudd Bevil Gordon D’Urban
Russel Kathleen
Sepeng Hezekiel Silver 800m Track
Shardelow Thomas Frederick 2 Silver Tandem & 4000m Team Track
Sherpard Dennis Graham Silver Featherweight Boxing
Smith David DCM
Smith William Alexander
Smith William R
Spence Malcolm Clive Bronze 400m Track
Stevens Laurence
Swift Alfred James Silver 4000m Persuit, Bronze 1000m Time Trial
Thugwana Josia Gold Marathon Track & Field
Toweel William Michael Bronze Flyweight Boxing
Van der Goes Frederika J
Van Schalkwyk Theunis J Silver Light Middleweight Boxing
Walker Clarence Leonard
Walker James R
Walker Reginald Edgar
Winslow Charles Lyndhurst
Total Medals 4 16 6 2 3 6 5

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